Via dell'Equitazione, 58043, Punta Ala (GR)
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Centro Ippico Punta Ala
Centro Ippico Punta Ala
"We want to spread the culture and the pleasure of riding a horse fully respecting the needs of the animal and encouraging the technical learning by those who ride, even for the first time. For us, it is mandatory to guide every rider step by step in the development of his/her skills and, above all, to guide him/her in the building of a unique and special relationship with the horse."
Gaia Bulgari
Centro Ippico Punta Ala
Historical location of important national and international horse competitions, and polo races, Punta Ala riding school is a perfectly balanced space between total immersion in nature and functional use of spaces dedicated to the practice of equestrian activity. The fascinating landscapes of the Tuscany coast are the setting for the structure, a unique place where you can practice healthy and safe riding alongside professionals, and that has as its main purpose the promotion and development of equestrian activity in every aspect, social, playful, sporty and recreational. The primary goal of the new management is that of the creation of a peaceful environment for horses and people, where the atmosphere is relaxed and warm.
Riding lessons with horses and ponies for adults, teens, and children, both in groups and individuals

Riding specialized in show jumping

Theoretical lessons dedicated to the knowledge and care of the horse

Horse pension

Horse Riding Mini Campus - Coming soon - Summer 2023

Horse Riding on the Beach

Polo - Coming soon - Summer 2023